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Our company is one of the leading irrigation companies of Iran and Asia with the products they have produced in Iran and carrying out activities in the use, spread out and development of pressured irrigation in the world. Taking the customer satisfaction and quality production as a goal so far, it manufactures the Hydroflow pipes sprinkler watering systems, Drip irrigation systems and filter systems which are under the pressured irrigation system and the need of the agriculture sector.

While our company conveys their products to our farmers who are the final consumers via the franchising network that they have constituted in Iran, it also takes its place in the world market through the distributors and representatives in many countries taking place in Asia and Africa continents.

Our company is now at the pioneer position of innovation by applying the changes required by the technology to the products they have produced in accordance with the total quality principles and customer satisfaction with their technical staff.

Our Vision

To be a leader in Iran, in the world and in the customer preferences as an advanced and esteemed organization with our products that we have manufactured under the illumination of management and production strategies that we have created within the frame of our basic quality policies.

Our Mission

To create a safe, peaceful, transparent, democratic and profitable atmosphere by working professionally in team philosophy with our employees, customers, product and service providers and maintain the sustainability. Our Basic Values; Honesty, reliability, legal and ethic working, customer focusing, quality, responsibility, confidentiality, innovation, competiveness and team working.


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